A Fond Farewell

I'm leaving with a whole bunch of memories and with so much respect for what this small non-profit can do!

Two years ago I joined NepRWA as an intern, and after about a year in that role, I was hired on as Field Sampling Coordinator. During my time at the Association, I have seen a small but dedicated staff accomplish great things with limited resources.

Late night meetings, hours of mailings, grant proposals, and much, much more has culminated into great strides being made for the watershed. From the development of the Neponset Stormwater Partnership to the organization of river clean-ups, NepRWA has been successful in it’s efforts to conserve and restore the Neponset River and its tributaries in the brief two years I’ve been here.

Therefore, I have mixed emotions that this is my last week here. I recently accepted a position with the U.S. Geological Survey which I am very excited about, but I have enjoyed my time here so much that it is not easy to leave. I have learned an immense amount about water quality monitoring, citizen science, and everything that goes into running an environmental non-profit, and I regard it as invaluable experience. And of course, the many wonderful people I have met along the way – staff, board members, volunteers, and many more.

Managing the Citizen Water Monitoring Network gave me an appreciation for the incredible volunteer base that NepRWA has, and is a testament not only to the Association, but to the members of the communities within the watershed. There are volunteers that have been involved with NepRWA for over 30 years which is really just amazing.

I’m leaving with a whole bunch of memories – mostly great and a few I could have done without (bushwacking through endless rose bushes in 90 degree weather while wearing waders and still never finding the stream!) I’m also leaving with so much respect for what this small non-profit can do!

NepRWA is hiring an Intern and Fellow to resume the responsibilities of CWMN. I’m confident they will do a great job, and I hope they get to experience everything I did in my two years here (including the bushwacking hah!). I look forward to continuing to watch what NepRWA accomplishes, and I want to express gratitude to everyone who I’ve met along the way. Wishing you the best!

Meghan Rauber

June 2017

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