2021 Annual Neponset River Water Quality Report

The 2021 annual water quality results are in! Watch the video below or read the report to get the latest update on the Neponset River, streams, and ponds.

The Neponset River Watershed Association (NepRWA) staff is committed to working in partnership with municipal employees, local and state officials, community groups, and residents, to understand and fix the problems that face the Neponset River and local waterways.

To that end, NepRWA scientists have been collecting data since 1995 through the Community Water Monitoring Network (“CWMN”) in order to monitor the health of the Neponset Watershed’s small rivers, streams, ponds, and the Neponset River. This helps to identify, address, and get funding to fix water quality problems as they are detected.

Without question, the success of the program is due to the many volunteers who collect water samples from all of the various sites that we track. In 2021, they collected samples from 41 sites, from May to October. We are always thankful for the time and effort that these volunteers give toward this important task.

Our Annual Water Quality Presentation highlights the key findings of 2021, historical trends, and future solutions. Watch the video below to view the results!

View the 2021 Water Quality Presentation PowerPoint

Become a CWMN Volunteer!

If you are interested in helping to protect your local waterways and have a few hours a month to spare, we could use your help with water sampling!

Sampling occurs once a month, on the second Thursday, from May through October, and training is provided.

We always need backup or fill-in volunteers to sample on days when our regular volunteers aren’t able to.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in becoming a CWMN volunteer, please email NepRWA River Restoration Director, Sean McCanty at mccanty@neponset.org

Learn more about the CWMN Program.



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