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Member support makes all the difference in protecting and restoring the Neponset River and its watershed, but the River needs more friends!

River Cleanup

Members and volunteers like you provide the fuel to cleanup and protect the Neponset River and its surrounding watershed.

Join Neponset Watershed

Whether you depend on the Neponset for your drinking water, enjoy exploring its parks and natural areas, or just believe in taking care of the community where you live, the Neponset needs your help!

Why not become a member today?  There has never been a better time to do your part to protect our water, wildlife and land!

After you join (or if you are already a member) leverage the power of your social networks (be they high-tech or old-school) to share this campaign with friends, family and colleagues who care about clean water, healthy habitats, and a river that everyone in your community can enjoy!




Ian Cooke
Executive Director


PS: If you are already a member, you can help by using your social media skills (or even just old fashioned email) to share this page with friends and colleagues. The sharing buttons at the top of the page can help!

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