Classroom Resources: Water Education

Discover new online resources that support water conservation and pollution prevention education.

April 2020 — We’ve made our 5th-grade water education materials available to teachers, students, and parents during the COVID-19 school shutdown. The materials include slide shows, videos, and handouts about polluted stormwater runoff and water conservation.

Please email Outreach Director, Nancy Fyler if you need additional materials or if you have any questions.

Self-Paced Slide Show Presentations

These presentations are based on MA 5th-grade science standards and the content has been used successfully in classrooms across the Neponset Watershed for the past 12 years.


Stormwater Pollution Presentation Contains:

•Description and causes of polluted stormwater runoff

•Stormwater infrastructure, storm drains, outfall pipes

•Methods to prevent polluted stormwater runoff

Go to Stormwater Presentation




Water Conservation Presentation Contains:

•Description of water distribution systems and infrastructure (pumps, wells, tanks, pipes)

•Explanation of surface water and  groundwater

•Water distribution in homes and measuring daily usage (gallons per minutes, gallons per flush)

•Ways to conserve water

Go to Water Conservation Presentation


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Additional Water Conservation Resources



Watch this video to learn about YOUR watershed – the Neponset River Watershed. You will also learn more about what our organization does, including visiting students!

Additional Resources

  • Book – “A River Ran Wild” by Lynne Cherry – An environmental history and a history of technology. It will aid in the teaching of values and philosophy (i.e. Are humans part of nature? Are they apart of the food chain, or separate and independent from nature?)
  • Website –Project WET – Explore Watersheds! – a fun & interactive way to learn about watersheds
  • Website – Test Your WaterSense!

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