Your donation will help clean up the Neponset River, restore fish and wildlife habitats, and open up recreational access for all.

NepRWA staff and project partners conduct a fish survey on the newly restored Traphole Brook in Norwood.

Our year-end appeal is also focused on protecting you, your River, and your neighbors from increasingly extreme weather events. With the help of donors like you, our climate adaptation initiative has brought together 12 cities and towns from Boston and Quincy all the way up to Foxborough, to collaborate on this critical work.

Over the next year, this coalition will apply science, engineering, and nature-based solutions to:

  • Gather information about local flooding and adaptation priorities from the public.
  • Identify shared adaptation needs, and develop opportunities to collaborate across town lines on implementation.
  • Deploy cutting-edge science to determine exactly where flooding will increase in the future and evaluate strategies to reduce it.
  • Explore nature-based solutions that manage climate impacts by restoring floodplains, streams, wetlands, aquifers, and vegetation and provide immediate benefits for wildlife, recreation, and carbon sequestration.
  • Make a special effort to engage the residents who face the greatest risk—seniors, those with limited incomes, people of color, and immigrants—by funding key community-based organizations, conducting outreach in multiple languages, and holding targeted focus groups.
Thank you!

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