Hotspot Update: 8/18/2017

A wet summer has slowed the hotspot monitoring program this year, but we have still made progress in identifying pollution issues. So far this summer we have investigated Mother Brook in Dedham, Pequid Brook in Canton, Hawes Brook and Germany Brook in Norwood, and Steep Hill Brook in Stoughton. In May, a broken water main […]

RiverFest a Testament to Progress on the Neponset

Perhaps more than any other activity I’ve been to so far, this event symbolized just how far the Neponset River has come since 1967 when NepRWA was founded. Just a few years ago, this event would have been impossible.

CWMN Results: June

The results for June show much higher E. coli levels than were observed in May. This is mainly because June was a wetter month than May, and bacteria levels in wet weather are typically higher than levels in dry weather.

New Rain Gardens at Stoughton School

In addition to removing pollution, the new bio-retention basins are designed to beautify the school’s grounds and provide hands-on educational opportunity for the students.

The Case for Becoming a Sponsor

Did you attend NepRWA’s RiverFest last month, or perhaps you came to our 50th Annual Meeting in June, or you volunteered at one of our river cleanups? Although these events seem to be completely different from each other, there is one common thread which is sponsor involvement. Sponsorships offer an alternative means of funding for […]

Our First Neponset RiverFest was a Blast!

It was a sunny and warm Saturday, and the mood at DCR Neponset Park in Dorchester was upbeat as exhibitors arrived to prepare for the first ever Neponset RiverFest. Click here to see photos of the RiverFest. By 10am, the park began filling up, and people started lining up to try kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, […]

Recreational Opportunities in the Neponset Watershed

With thousands of acres of parks and open space, there’s more recreational activity going on in our Watershed than we can possibly list!  Here are just a few suggestions to get you started… Canton Hike some (or all) of the 12.7 mile Skyline Trail along the ridge of Blue Hills Reservation. Take a hike around […]

No Sense Cutting WaterSense

Improving water efficiency is a front line defense of the Neponset and rivers across America, that saves ratepayers huge amounts of money.

CWMN Results: May 2017

The water sampling results are in and the findings are encouraging. Kudos to the Norwood DPW for the progress they've made toward a healthier Meadow Brook.

Fish Kills

While unsettling, it's not unusual to see dead fish floating along a lake or pond shoreline as the waters warm up.

A Fond Farewell

I'm leaving with a whole bunch of memories and with so much respect for what this small non-profit can do!

Birds Seen & Heard in Fowl Meadow, May 2017

NepRWA board member, Les Tyrala, led a group of bird watchers through Fowl Meadow (along Burma Road from Paul’s Bridge to the south edge of marsh), which is within the western portion of the DCR Blue Hills reservation last Saturday morning, May 20th. They observed and / or heard 37 species. The complete list of […]