The Hidden Art of Quincy Quarries

On Dec. 1, Les Tyrala, a registered geologist and NepRWA board member, led a small group on a tour of the Quincy Quarries. While Les’ geology talk was fascinating, we were also in awe of the intensity of the brilliant graffiti throughout the site.    

Keep Those Storm Drains Clear!

As New Englanders, we tend to deal with crazy weather and therefore with a lot of different stuff on the ground, like ice, snow, branches, leaf litter and trash blowing around. Well, all of that stuff can clog up storm drains, which means that rain has nowhere to drain to, and that can lead to […]

Doyle Park: an up-and-coming spot for families in the lower Neponset

Doyle Playground hasn’t been much of a playground for quite some time now. In fact, many people who live on River Street in Hyde Park don’t even know that the overgrown, uninviting space across from their homes once was a playground. But after years of neglect, the space is being completely transformed for the better. […]

What goes UP when the rain falls DOWN?

In case you were wondering, your umbrella isn’t the only thing to go UP when the rain falls DOWN. Flushes of pollutants are washed off surfaces during storms and make their unwelcomed journey into streams and rivers of the local watershed. These pollutants traveling with the stormwater are major contributors for increased water pollution. These […]

Help Meet Our Year End Stormwater Challenge

Your donation can help secure a $15,000 challenge grant to expand stormwater prevention projects in our cities and towns. A newly released federal permit is focused on preventing polluted stormwater runoff, and NepRWA wants to capitalize on this opportunity by expanding outreach, advocacy and technical assistance for our cities and towns, but to implement our […]

Sat., Dec. 1 – Quincy Quarries: Taken for Granite – 1pm-2:30pm

This walk is full. Quincy Quarries: Taken for Granite Saturday, December 1st from 1pm- 2:30 pm Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Email fyler@neponset.org for meeting place and directions. Rain date: Sunday, December 2. Join staff from the Neponset River Watershed Association and Les Tyrala, a registered geologist, as we explore the geology and quarry […]

Mattapan-Milton Neponset Greenway Trail Community Celebration

Several hundred local residents, elected officials and community activists gathered on either side of the beautiful new “Harvest River Bridge” on September 29 to officially celebrate the opening of the newest section of the Neponset River Greenway trail between Central Avenue in Milton and Mattapan square. Attendees enjoyed musical performances on both sides of the […]

South Norwood Residents Score Initial Victory

On August 13th, Boch Automotive announced that it would drop its proposed development of one of the few naturally wooded parcels of land along the Neponset River in Norwood. However, residents should remain vigilant.