Mid-Season CWMN Results

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Citizen Water Monitoring Network (CWMN) volunteers we’re now in our 23rd year of monitoring the health of the Neponset River. We’ve successfully completed three months of CWMN sampling, and overall we have mixed results at the midpoint of our year. 15 out of the 42 sites […]

Drought or Not, Every Drop Counts

Drought may not be an issue in our region right now, but water shortages strike different areas at different times of year, so saving water is always important!

Meet our “New” Greenway & Natural Resources Specialist

Working at NepRWA has taught me the value of important and impactful work, and when my time as the Environmental Science Fellow was coming to an end, I still wanted to continue to help make a difference in the Watershed. Luckily, I was able to work out a position with our Executive Director, Ian Cooke, […]

Reason and the River: Fowl Meadow and The Ghost of I-95

Fowl Meadow and The Ghost of I-95 Blog #3 By Will Reason The Skyline Trail of the Blue Hills Reservation does a strange thing. After ascending the magnificent Great Blue Hill, it dives back down and stubbornly continues. The trail climbs up the appropriately-named Little Blue Hill, then meanders through a forest that stands a […]

Green Team on the River

On a recent summer morning, fifteen members of the “Green Team” and their crew leaders rode their bikes over to the Edgewater Drive canoe launch in Mattapan, where they met with NepRWA staff and representatives from Greater Boston Trout Unlimited (GBTU) and prepared to enter the Neponset River for some exploration and a fly fishing […]

Join us! Neponset River Cleanup, Sat. Sept. 21

We’re removing trash from water and land to help beautify the area and restore fish and wildlife habitats in Hyde Park, Mattapan, and Milton (exact locations listed below). Any help that you can give with cleaning up or organizing is much appreciated! Meet:  Martini Shell parking lot, 1015 Truman Parkway, Hyde Park – OR – […]

Reason and the River: Sunrise on Reservoir Pond

Sunrise on Reservoir Pond Blog #2 by Will Reason As I paddled through its placid morning waters, the sheer magnitude of Canton’s Reservoir Pond struck me. About a mile across at its broadest, the pond, which connects to the Neponset River via the Pequit Brook, sat there peacefully and invitingly. Ringed by houses and motorboats […]

Reason and the River: Shade and Seclusion in Hyde Park

Shade and Seclusion in Hyde Park Blog #1 by Will Reason Few of the shoppers who congregate each weekend at the Stop & Shop® just off of Truman Parkway are aware that mere yards from where they’ve parked snakes a band of wild river, hiding its meandering course from the prying eyes of civilization. It […]

Immediate Job Opening

May 10, 2019 -- Seeking a full-time Stormwater and Water Conservation Professional

Culvert Project Benefits Fish

White Suckers like the one in this video can have a hard time maneuvering through culverts. Neponset River Watershed Association Environmental Fellow, Andres Ripley, explains what NepRWA is doing to help.

Our Spring River Cleanup Was a HUGE Success

The weather leading up to the Neponset River Spring Cleanup was ominous but the rain held off for a few hours and the event turned out to be a huge success! Although it was very windy, more than 280 volunteers showed up with plenty of enthusiasm to work. In just three short hours, they collected […]

Happy Earth Day

Dear Friend of the Neponset, Happy Earth Day! We thank you for making every day Earth Day, here in the Neponset Watershed. The Neponset River Watershed Association, with your support, helps to make the river, streams, and surrounding lands cleaner and more supportive of wildlife and people. Earth Day, the Holiday On Earth Day, people […]

A Noisy Spring Chorus…

Spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) and wood frogs (Lithobates sylvaticus) are heard, not seen, during a walk in early April at Mass Audubon’s Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Sharon, MA. The next time you take a walk through the woods in early spring, listen for their noisy chorus… Below are wood frog eggs, seen in early […]

River Cleanup: 101

Leave the wood in the water! This is a friendly reminder to all cleanup volunteers to please only remove trash from streams and rivers. Woody debris and other natural materials in the stream are extremely beneficial for the health of the stream. While it’s human nature to want to tidy up a messy looking stream, […]

Fix Leaks to Conserve Water

Why do leaks matter? Many towns in the Neponset Watershed get some or all of their drinking water from groundwater aquifers. Leaking faucets and toilets waste thousands of gallons of water a year and could be easily fixed to help save local water resources. Below are easy-to-follow videos to help you start saving. Toilets The […]