My Hydrograph Beats Your Tea Leaves Any Day

Weather is what happens before rain hits the ground. Hydrology is what happens after. by Ian Cooke, Jan. 17, 2018– Last week we had some interesting weather.  After a long period of bitter cold, we had about 16 inches of snow on the ground, and lots of ice around on rivers and ponds. Then we […]

Wendell Park in Milton To Get Major Stormwater Upgrades

The Town of Milton has partnered with NepRWA to clean up polluted stormwater runoff by upgrading Wendell Park with a series of 6 tree filter boxes. Installation will coincide with  other street upgrades including small sections of curbing and deep sump catch basins. Work will begin and end during the spring and summer of 2018. […]

Jan. 31 at 7pm | Stormwater Pollution Discussion | Milton Public Library

Stormwater Pollution in Milton and How You Can Help January 31 at 7pm Milton Public Library – Keyes Room Presenters: Hillary Waite, Environmental Coordinator, Town of Milton; Chris Trudel, Civil Engineer, Town of Milton Just like most towns in Massachusetts, Milton faces a problem with stormwater pollution. This occurs when runoff from parking lots, roads, […]

Sat., Feb. 3 from 1-2pm | Winter Birds of Squantum Point Park, Quincy

Saturday, February 3 from 1 pm – 2 pm (Rain/Snow date: Sunday, February 4 2 pm-3 pm) Rafts of seabirds, including eider and brant are a common sight during the winter months in Quincy. Join us at Squantum Point Park as we take a closer look at the ducks and seabirds that weather New England […]

Thanks to you, we made our challenge!

Jan. 11, 2018 A big thank you to everyone who supported NepRWA’s year-end appeal over the last few months! We had a huge rush of donations in the last 10 days of the year that allowed us to capture a last-minute challenge grant of $5,000. The challenger offered to increase their giving for the year […]

Save the Date! Neponset River Spring Cleanup, April 28

Jan. 2018– Happy New Year to all of our members and volunteers. While last week’s snowstorm may have had you huddling under the covers, we’re planning our annual Spring Cleanup, and we could use your help! Volunteers from the 2015 Spring Cleanup  NepRWA will be teaming up with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) […]

How to Deal with Frozen Water Pipes

If no water is coming out of your faucet: Do not apply direct heat to the pipes. If your pipes freeze, use a hair dryer to heat the area around your meter and pipes. Make sure the faucet is turned on so melting water can drip out. After your pipes have thawed, look to see […]

Chilling at Tileston and Hollingsworth Dam

Here’s some pancake ice forming in the tailrace (below the Tileston and Hollingsworth Dam on the Milton/Hyde Park border on December 31, at about 5 degrees Fahrenheit. (A tailrace is a channel that carries water away from a water wheel, turbine, etc.)    Not far downstream the river was completely iced over but here […]

Groundwater Basics

It’s under our feet and we use it on a daily basis, but few of us give much thought to the groundwater that sustains us. Here is a charming video, courtesy of KQED QuestScience www.questscience.org, that explains groundwater in very clear terms. Enjoy.  Here’s what you can do to protect groundwater: Conserve water Use […]

NepRWA Holiday Recipes

In addition to all of the things that we do to protect the Neponset River, many NepRWA staff happen to be excellent cooks & bakers.  We hope you enjoy the following recipes, which were served at our holiday party in 2017: Chris’ Baked Goat Cheese & and Roasted Cranberry Appetizer 1/3 cup unsalted almonds 2 […]

Help Us Go Hyperlocal in 2018

Going “hyperlocal” means getting our volunteers and staff much more deeply engaged in helping each of our municipalities to cleanup and protect the Neponset River and its watershed. Donate today to support clean water in your community. Why hyperlocal? Because almost everything that really matters gets DONE at the municipal level. Fixing leaky sewers? Check. […]