Support CPA in Boston, Norwood and Dedham

This election season, residents of Boston, Norwood and Dedham can shape their community's future for the better by voting to adopt the Community Preservation Act.

Neponset Hits New Lows

As the drought of 2016 continues, the Neponset River Watershed marks new record low flows for July and August.

NPDES Delegation Push Fails

The Baker Administration is pushing for the Mass Department of Environmental Protection to issue water pollution discharge permits, rather than using the US Environmental Protection Agency, which typically issues them.

Ask Your State Rep to Support the Green Budget!

With significant proposed cuts to state environmental agency budgets, it's time to contact state representatives and tell them that the agencies who protect our water and our parks need adequate funding to do their jobs.

Keeping Your Grass Legal

A new state law requires everyone—homeowners, lawn services, commercial property owners—to get a soil test before applying fertilizer that contains phosphorous to their lawn.

A Sasquatch Quality Wildlife Photo

Watershed Association members have been calling in an impressive collection of wildlife reports so far this year and one backed up her hard to believe claim with a grainy photo worthy of the best Sasquatch hunter.

Spring is Time for Renewal

The river comes alive in the spring, and it's a great time to renew your commitment to keeping your local waterways clean and healthy.

21 Years in the Making, A New Park for Canton

After years of waiting, the Farnham-Connolly State Park (AKA the Canton Airport) is finally open, offering access to a lovely six acre passive use park off Neponset Street in Canton, and 232 acres of beautiful freshwater marshes and wetland habitats along the Neponset River.

On Stormwater, Twelve Heads Are Better Than One

Twelve communities are coming together to leverage economies of scale in battling the Neponset’s largest remaining water pollution threat. Under the leadership of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and Neponset Watershed Association regional cooperative aims for better results at lower cost.

New Small Dam Projects in the Pipeline

After some initial setbacks, our small dams program has regrouped and is now targeting three dams on Pine Tree Brook in Milton. We've also been working on a list of "micro" dams that can be remediated using volunteer crews.