Exotic, invasive Mile-a-minute vine and fruits.

Exotic, invasive Mile-a-minute vine and fruits.

Mile-a-minute, or Persicaria perfoliata, is an exotic, invasive, spiny vine that grows in the Neponset River Watershed. In fact, Mile-a-minute grows right in the Canton section of Fowl Meadow, a designated Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)!

The climbing plant shades out native plants (e.g., reduces the other plants’ ability to photosynthesize / make food, and therefore to grow and reproduce).¬†Fast-growing Mile-a-minute threatens local native plant diversity and wildlife habitat.

Mile-a-minute also produces much fruit, which can stay alive in the soil for years, and even float alive in water for a week, to then grow into new plants – maintaining and establishing populations.

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Friends of the Blue Hills organizes people to pull mile-a-minute around Blue Hills.¬† If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Executive Director, Judy Lehrer Jacobs at or call 781-828-1805