Public Access & Greenway Challenge

Help support improved trails and parks throughout the Neponset Watershed

Two generous local donors have offered to contribute $12,000 to help expand work on public access, trail connections, and greenways in communities across the Neponset Watershed, if we can raise another $12,000 in new or increased gifts from our members and friends before December 31.

Please consider making a monthly or one-time donation to help us meet this challenge, and get more people outside enjoying the Neponset River and becoming advocates for protecting it!

Your support will help to:

  • Connect the DCR Neponset Greenway to the Boston Harborwalk and the Blue Hills
  • Extend the Warner Trail from Sharon to Milton along the river
  • Expand access to streams, ponds and conservation areas in all our communities,
  • Better support efforts being led by the Neponset Greenway Council and other neighborhood partners
  • Ensure that residents in environmental justice target communities also have access.

Please donate today so that EVERYONE can enjoy the Neponset Watershed!

Why Greenways?

Opening up public access and creating greenways enables more people to experience the natural beauty in our backyards. It’s good for our physical and mental health. It builds social and civic capital that strengthens our communities. It even helps reduce crime and carbon emissions.

It’s also critical for sparking interest in conservation and engaging a new generation of activists to protect our Watershed (and our planet) for years to come.

Opening Boston’s “Hidden River”

Because of historic pollution and development patterns, much of the Neponset River and its watershed have been hidden from view, fenced off and inaccessible to local residents, earning the Neponset the nickname Greater Boston’s “Hidden River.”

That reputation a is changing thanks in part to projects where your past support played a role, like the Quincy Riverwalk, the DCR Neponset Greenway, Farnham Connolly Park, and public access to Willett Pond. But there’s still much, much more to do.

Expanding Public Access Efforts

With your help, NepRWA aims to expand its traditional efforts working with cities and towns, state agencies, land trusts, private developers and community groups of all sorts.

We play a unique role not filed by other organizations to identify land protection and public access opportunities, plan projects, raise awareness, recruit key project partners, raise or advocate for needed funding, and negotiate with private developers.

With the closure of the Boston Natural Areas Network who played a critical role in advocating for the Neponset Greenway, the need for new nonprofit resources on the Neponset has become even more pressing.

Please donate today to advance this important work in your community and take advantage of our year-end challenge grant!