Explore New Opportunities this Spring

Spring is a great time to begin new projects. At NepRWA, we have a number of opportunities and suggestions to get you started.

Volunteer to be a Water Quality Monitor

Water sampling takes place 6 times from May to October. Each volunteer has a specific site or sites where they sample from. Samples are taken between 6:00 AM and 7:30 AM in the morning and then taken to one of our four area Drop-off locations. Sampling typically takes 15-20 minutes from the time the volunteer gets to the site to the time they depart for the Drop-off location. Once at the Drop-off location the volunteer hands off the samples to the Drop-off Coordinator and fills out some simple paperwork.

We are currently looking for volunteers for sites in Canton and Stoughton.

To become a regular CWMN volunteer (or an emergency contact volunteer – a substitute for water monitors who occasionally cannot participate), contact our Field Sampling Coordinator Meghan Rauber at 781-575-0354 x306 or meghan@neponset.org. Regular volunteers need to attend a training session and commit to test an assigned site.  Emergency contact volunteers need to attend training and be ready to help when contacted.

Become an Intern

We are currently seeking a summer intern for the 2017 season.

The volunteer intern will help with all aspects of the volunteer water quality monitoring program and hotspot monitoring program during the summer of 2017. This includes preparing sampling materials and supplies, field work, data management, sample analysis in the lab, and volunteer coordination.

The intern will also assist with planning and coordination for the 2017 Hyde Park Neponset River Cleanup. Depending on the intern and their level of interest there may be the opportunity to take a leadership role on an independent project in analyzing historic water quality data sets or conducting a literature review.

Please click here for more information.

Become an Office Volunteer

Do you have a few hours a week to spare?  Looking to get busy and donate some time to a good cause?  We could always use an extra hand in the office and we welcome volunteers to help out!

Contact Executive Director, Ian Cooke cooke@neponset.org for more information.

Build a Rain Garden

Rain gardens help purify our water!  They catch runoff from parking areas, driveways, walkways and roofs, and allow stormwater to slowly filter into the soil rather than flow directly into storm drains, ponds or lakes.

This spring, review your landscape to see if there is a site that collects water – and consider building a rain garden!  We’re happy to offer advice. Contact Environmental Scientist, Chris Hirsch at hirsch@neponset.org for more information.

Click here to learn more about rain gardens.

Pick Up Trash in your Neighborhood

Grab a friend and start beautifying your community!  Make a practice of carrying a bag with you when you walk so that you can pick up trash along the way.  Every bit helps!

2 responses to “Explore New Opportunities this Spring”

  1. Ian Cooke says:

    Hi Kevin!

    It’s a bit unclear who is responsible for litter control along Commander Shea. In any event, we will. E tackling this area as part of our spring cleanup on 4/29. Hope you can join us!

  2. Kevin Muti says:

    Regarding cleanup of trash, is Boston Scientific responsible for trash cleanup along the Quincy River Walk. Right now it looks like a mini landfill with all the trash along Commander Shea Blvd.

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